Basic school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Basic boarding school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a public educational institution providing basic education for the hearing impaired students of Lithuania Republic.

Mission of the centre

School provides a good basic education, which helps the hearing impaired to integrate and socialize into the hearing society.

Vision of the centre

School’s future: to be modern educational centre for the hearing impaired in region Aukstaitija and it includes preschool, primary and basic education.

Structure of the centre

Education is performed according to the curricula approved by Minister of National Education and also according to the curicula for individual branches of the school. Hearing impaired students are taught such specific and special subjects as the Sign Language, Subject related activity, Speech, Rhytmics.They are taught English from the fifth form. Syllabuses are adapted according to the hearing disorder and level of speech.

In the basic school the system of secondary education is comprised of preschool, primary school, basic school .The students can get a, Basic School Education Certificate.
The basic school offers the assistance of teacher of the deaf , special teacher, social teacher, physical therapist and Sign language interpreter.

There is a dormitory in the Center for those who live far away and can’t commute. Food, accomodation and trip tickets are free of charge.


Basic boarding school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Parko str.19, LT- 37326 Panevezys, Lithuania
Tel. /fax: +370 45 517300


Danute Krisciuniene
Tel. /fax: +370 45 517300

Deputy headmistress for education

Lina Bartnykiene
Tel. +370 45 517435